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common problem

Q. How to calculate the daily consumption of NMN WATER?

A. Since NAD+ keeps decreasing with the years, if you have been seriously ill or overworked, you will lose a lot of energy. Just like a battery that runs out of power, it needs to be fully charged to start normally. Most of the organs and cells in the human body are Relying on NAD+ to maintain normal operation, supplementing NMN can be converted into NAD+ in the body.Therefore, the dosage depends on the age and physical health. Under normal circumstances, the following indicators can be used to calculate the age alone:

25-50 years old: 1 NMN WATER (300mg)
50-60 years old : 2 NMN WATER (600mg)
60-70 years old: 2-3 NMN WATER (600-900mg)
Over 70 years old : Min. 3 NMN WATER (900mg)

Q. Will the efficacy be affected if I forget to drink NMN WATER?

A. There are no adverse consequences if you forget to take it. In fact, most of the natural foods also contain NMN, but the intake from food is very small. If you have enough NAD+, you will have enough conditions to maintain the body's functions, so it will not affect the efficacy.

Q. Can I drink NMN WATER anytime, anywhere? How much is it okay to drink? Is it better to drink as much as possible?

A. Basically, it has little effect, just a little waste. Unless the body is too deficient in NAD+, if it is enough, there is no need to drink it too much. It is enough to absorb it on the day.

Q. Can vegetarians drink NMN WATER?

A. NMN WATER saves vegetarians worrying about what materials the capsules of health care products are made of. In addition, we use our unique bio-enzymatic technology, non-chemical formula from natural plant-based organisms, which solves the concerns of vegetarians.

Q. Can I swallow health supplement capsules or pills with NMN WATER?

A. Yes, water is natural, NMN is natural, and does not contain any stimulating ingredients, natural things can be combined with anything.